As we reach the fourth quarter of 2017, it's time to start thinking about the year ahead and what to expect from SEO in 2018. There are number of search industry trends that we've seen the very beginnings of this year and last, which will come into greater prominence in 2018. Here are seven you should be keeping an eye on.
If you are looking for a launching pad for your products that your target audience likes and finds useful, Amazon is it. To get the most from your listings on Amazon, however, you will need to employ some SEO tactics to showcase your products and business.
Visual search engines will be at the center of the next phase of evolution for the search industry, with Pinterest, Google, and Bing all announcing major developments recently. How do they stack up today, and who looks best placed to offer the best visual search experience?
This month's Brighton SEO delegates all hoped for Google's Gary Illyes to enlighten them on the major talking points in search this year, and they weren't disappointed. Here's what Illyes had to say about one of the hottest subjects of the search industry this year - Google "Fred".
While Bing only has 5% of the desktop search engine market share worldwide to Google's 87%, it is undeniably still a key player in the search engine rivalry contest and it has many enviable features. So what does Bing do better than Google?
In the digital age, the importance of a website presence, blogging, social media posts and other elements of building an online brand seemed like they would sound the death toll for traditional communications and marketing strategies, like public relations. But instead, PR continues to prove itself an essential element of marketing communications.
An estimated 240,000 ecommerce stores use Magento for their online operations, which accounts for nearly 30% of the ecommerce platform market. Unfortunately, this not only makes clear that Magento is a worthwhile program, it makes clear something else: It’s a focus area for cyber criminals across the globe.
On the cusp of the latest iPhone release, how can advertisers benefit from the launch of a new device? Columnist Purna Virji from Bing offers insights to help advertisers cash in on the hype surrounding new device launches.
The phrase "Web 3.0" was first coined back in 2006. Viewed by some industry insiders back then as an "unobtainable dream", the idea of Web 3.0 has remained elusive. However, as technology evolves, the dream seems much more obtainable than ever before. In fact, many argue it is already a reality.
A new report by Pi Datametrics has analyzed the entire US flights market to discover the most organically valuable search themes and players with the greatest share of voice across the market. What can marketers learn from it about the state of the flights market in search?